Toddler Classrooms

Welcome to the Mini Masters Learning Academy’s Toddler Classrooms.  The primary teachers in these classrooms are  Ms. Sarah. Ms. Leticia and Ms. Tiffany.  In our toddler classrooms, we follow a ratio of one staff member to every five toddlers.  Our classroom enrollment for our Toddler One is five toddlers.  We feel that our small group atmosphere is an ideal environment for toddlers since they often oscillate between asserting their independence and the need for comfort and nurturing.  Our classroom enrollment for our Toddler Two classroom is 10 toddlers.  We feel that this classroom environment is an ideal way for our older toddlers to assert their independence and allows them the opportunity to learn how to interact with other toddlers in a controlled and positive way.

Classroom Activities

Toddlers are beginning to think about their actions, solve problems and understand language.  Our toddler classrooms are designed to promote the cognitive, communicative, sensory and motor development of each child.  Therefore, Ms. Sarah, Ms. Leticia and Ms. Tiffany will establish a daily routine/schedule and will begin to introduce concepts such as sharing, talking, self discipline, simple table manners, short circle times and sign language.  Simple art projects with each toddler, such as finger painting, will help to teach the toddlers to control small-hand muscles and coordinate eye and hand movement.  A weekly lesson plan will be posted that designates a theme for the week and will incorporate language/books related to the theme as well as large and fine motor skills, art/sensory activities and opportunities for social and personal growth.


My name is Leticia and I have been working for Mini Masters since June 2011. I have been working in childcare since 1994 and with my many years of experience I have had the pleasure of working with all age groups from infant to school age children. As a toddler teacher for many of those years, I am delighted to be here at Mini Masters working with this age group. My goal as a teacher and care giver is to provide a fun and loving environment for children to learn and grow.

My name is Sarah, and I am the Toddler One teacher at Mini Masters Learning Academy.  I have been with Mini Masters for four years and in the Toddler One classroom for the last three.  In early childhood development, I have spent a total of seven years and have loved every minute of it. I have worked as a childhood development teacher for age groups infant through pre-k. As a toddler teacher, I feel that it is extremely important to stay up-to-date on information for toddlers by having continuing education.   I feel that patience and understanding are particularly imperative when you are working with toddlers.  Toddler-aged children are the most rewarding age to work with.