Pre-School Classrooms

Welcome to the Mini Masters Learning Academy’s Pre-School Classrooms.  The primary teachers in our Pre-School classrooms  are Mr. Ron and Ms. Erica.  In our Pre-School One classroom we follow a ratio of one staff member to every 7 children.  We feel that this small group atmosphere is the ideal environment for quality interaction between teacher and students, and student to student.  In our Pre-School Two classroom we follow a ratio of one staff member to every 10 pre-school-aged children.  Our classroom enrollment is 10 children.  The importance of a positive pre-school experience cannot be stressed enough.  Pre-school aged children have an enormous capacity to learn and develop.  If this capacity is not stimulated during these years, a critical opportunity is missed.  A quality preschool program can help children to develop reading, writing and math foundations as well as social skills that prepare them for later success in school and in life. We feel that Mini Masters Learning Academy is that quality preschool program.

Classroom Activities

Our pre-school classrooms are designed to promote cognitive development, language development, problem-solving skills, social skills and etiquette, self-help skills (such as putting on your own jacket or buttoning your own pants), large and fine motor development, and sensory skills. Mr. Ron and Ms. Erica help the children gain these skills by establishing a daily routine/schedule and reinforces previously taught concepts such as sharing, self discipline, table manners, circle times, and sign language.  New concepts will also be introduced in these classrooms.  The phonic sounds of the alphabet will be touched upon, as well as line formations to teach the children how to properly construct letters. The children will be taken to the restroom every two hours to continue and support the potty-training process.  Art projects with each child will help to bolster self esteem and tap into their creative side, and spark their growing imagination.  A weekly lesson plan will be posted that designates a theme for the week and will incorporate language/books related to the theme as well as large and fine motor skills, art/sensory activities, and opportunities for social and personal growth.