Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms

Welcome to Mini Masters Learning Academy’s Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms.  The primary teacher in these classrooms are Mr. Matt and Ms.Johnna.  In our Pre-Kindergarten  Classrooms we follow a ratio of one staff member to every 12 pre-kindergarten-aged children.  Our classroom enrollment is 12 children.  The importance of a positive pre-kindergarten experience cannot be stressed enough.  Children this age have an enormous capacity to learn and develop.  If this capacity is not stimulated during these years, a critical opportunity is missed.  A quality pre-kindergarten program can help children to develop reading, writing and math foundations as well as social skills that prepare them for later success in school and in life. We feel that Mini Masters Learning Academy is that quality pre-kindergarten program; and we hope you will too.

Classroom Activities

Mini Masters Learning Academy’s pre-kindergarten classrooms introduce readiness skills to children through a curriculum taught through weekly themes, interactive play and academic time.  Our classrooms focus on cognitive development, the continuation of language development, problem-solving skills, social skills and etiquette, self-help skills, large and fine motor development, and sensory skills.  The children will continue to work on the phonic sounds of the alphabet, spelling and writing their own name with the correct formation of letters, writing all the letters of the alphabet, and numbers.  In order to ensure that the children who graduate from Mini Masters Learning Academy are more than prepared for kindergarten.  We have developed kindergarten readiness checklists based on actual kindergarten curriculum from districts in Topeka.


My name is Matthew, and I am the Pre-Kindergarten One teacher at Mini Masters Learning Academy.  I began working in the child care field at the age of 14 where I took early childhood classes to expand my education and skills.  I attended votech / graduated course for one year for the early childhood program.  As I worked at other child care facilities in Topeka, I was voted Teacher of the Year and received many other certificates and awards.  In these same centers, I was awarded a position of authority, where my responsibilities went beyond the classroom to include director duties and transporting the children to surrounding schools.  I have attended numerous trainings in the early childhood field in the last 16 years for continuing education.  In June 2012, I will have been a part of the Mini Masters’ team for two years and was recently awarded the Associate of the Quarter.  I look forward to being a part of your child’s development at Mini Masters.