Infant Classroom

Welcome to the Mini Masters Learning Academy’s Infant Classroom.  The three primary teachers in this classroom are Ms. Shannon, Ms. Evette and Ms. Stacy.  In our infant classroom, we follow a ratio of one staff member to every three babies.  Our classroom enrollment is nine babies.  One of our primary goals for the infants is to form a strong attachment between the baby and the primary caregiver. Each infant has a primary caregiver that devotes special attention to each child, including individual sleep and eating patterns for each child.

Classroom ActivitieS

The infant classroom is designed to promote the cognitive, communicative, sensory and motor development of each child. Our weekly sensory activities such as water and textural play activities encourage infants to explore through their senses and actions. Our art activities such as finger painting and scribbling teach the infants to control small-hand muscles and coordinate eye and hand movement. We encourage language and communication development throughout all activities, and we teach basic sign language, pairing the signs and gestures with words.  Each infant has a personalized lesson plan specific to their age and the milestones they should be working towards.  These lesson plans are updated monthly and as your baby progresses.  Please be sure to talk to your infant’s teacher about the goals your baby is working towards.


Hello!!  My name is Shannon Riedel, and I have been in childcare since 1995 working with many different age groups.  I have been a part of Mini Masters since June 20, 2007 as an infant teacher.  I have enjoyed watching them grow and change into little people, knowing that I helped them and taught them along the way.  In the Infant Room, we work on many different areas: learning to roll over, sitting up, and eating from a spoon and many other skills that are necessary for the children’s development.  Each year, the infant teachers and I attend a SIDS class to keep up with any new information on this extremely important subject as well as keeping up to date on the renewal for my infant, child and adult CPR certification.  It is my pleasure to work with the children at our center!!  I love reading, singing and playing games with the children, but most of all I love cuddling with them!!!!

Hello!!!  My name is Evette, and I first want to say, ROCK CHALK!!!!  I have been with Mini Masters since May of 2003 and have loved growing with the center.  The infant room has been my home beginning in 2005 as one of the lead teachers.  I enjoy watching the babies develop and discover new things about the world and themselves.  I graduated from Wetmore High School, and during this time, I had plenty of babysitting opportunities.  I am CPR certified for infant, child and adult CPR as well as being trained with an AED machine.  It is a yearly event that the infant teachers retake a course on SIDS to increase our knowledge as well as taking many other courses.   I am excited to continue growing as a teacher at Mini Masters.